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Published on November 1st, 2011 | by Rebecca Williams


St. Lucia – St. Lucia EP

width=300Sometimes a concept can be taken a little too far, and St. Lucia’s self-titled EP, walks on the line of just being too much.

The first two tracks are similar in the beachy, singsong feel. The first song, We Got It Wrong,” has layers upon layers of synthesized sound that create an atmospheric sense to the track, rather than a distinct feel. The vocals are a little bit more unrefined than on most electronic songs, which actually create depth and bring the airy tones down to a more realistic level.

Following on the same vibe is The Old House Is Gone.” Starting out with the same atmospheric vibe as the first, when a strong bass line is added to the mix, it propels the track forward. About halfway through the song though, a high-pitched staccato synth enters overtop of the rest of the syncopated undertones, just pushing the song over the line.

Where the EP makes a turn for the better is with the remaining four tracks. The single of the album, All Eyes On You” is definitely the highlight. With more of a concentration on the vocals, the song propels into an upbeat yet laidback vibe with a stronger drum beat than the past two songs. There is still lots of instrumentation, including a sax solo, but whenever a new instrument is introduced the rest of the sound flows into the background, making the overall sound much more succinct.

Before the Drive” follows along the same path with the romantic flowing vocals that accompany the harmonic, catchy piano beats. The darker Paper Heart” follows, with heavy long heavy bass tones over top of the peppy drumbeat. Complete with singsong ‘la la las’ the song finishes with light airy tones.

Finishing off the EP is Closer Than This” with clearer vocals than the rest of the album, and more synthesized chords, the instrumentation continues with a 80s-feel simple drumbeat.

When St. Lucia uses simple aspects instrumentally layered upon other sounds, the result is a catchy, upbeat with a trance-like feel. When he begins adding more complex, syncopated rhythms on the drums with more harmonic tones and barely-there vocals, the feel is lost, shown with the first two tracks of the album.

Sometimes simplicity is best, and when St. Lucia uses it the result speaks for itself.



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