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Published on February 19th, 2012 | by Ryan


Album Review: R_Garcia – Resurgens



DIY Synth-Pop from Atlanta, GA.

With both male and female vocals and long instrumental (electronic) sections, R_Garcia’s Resurgens (Nophi Records) is an interesting and varied record. The album opener, Seawater,” is a fantastic electro-pop song and easily my favorite on the record. The vivid picture created by the lyrics is matched by a spirited and pulsating beat which together result in a very fun and sincere track.

Other standout tracks include the sweet and poppy I Was a Feather” and infectious electronic number Red Line to Shady Grove” (with vocals by recent SMS podcast interviewee NNXT). The Year 100,000” flips the script and has a total late-70s punk vibe to it, a welcome and enjoyable surprise.

Resurgens traverses many different styles, which results in a record consistent in quality of production, but not necessarily in genre or style. This is actually a strength of the record; as it feels constantly inspired and surprising.

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