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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Sam Rashid


The Ramones and Sex Pistols come to Canadian Music Week … Well, Sort Of


Each year Canadian Music Week brings in so many different bands. Most often, the bands featured in the music festival are young, up and comers. Some are from the city of Toronto while others are from half way across the world where temperatures rarely dip under 70 degrees (I think).

But in this diverse mix of local and international bands that make up CMW, there are some surprises.

This year, it’s the punk surprise to end all punk surprises.

The Ramones and Sex Pistols will be in town, playing a show together. Well, not really. But sort of.

More like a member from each band will be in town to showcase their music on the last day of the festival, which is still pretty cool.

From the Ramones, Tommy Ramone. And from the pre Sid Vicious Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock.

You might know the Ramones from such tunes as Blitzkrieg Bop, Pet Cemetery or like below, I Wanna be Sedated…

And you might know the Sex Pistols from such tunes as Pretty Vacant, Holidays in the Sun or like below, God Save the Queen…

But I am not quite sure what will go down at this show. Will they play original tunes from the bands that once were? Or will they play some new material they have been working on? Will Mick Jones join Matlock on stage for some Rich Kids songs? And will Tommy pound the drums while some punks jump up on stage and strum some fuzzed out guitars?

Or will they just play some soothing acoustic songs?

I’m not sure. But I will be there and I will find out and then I will pass it on to all of you.

Punk meets Canadian Music Week on Sunday March 24 at the Rivoli. Get there!


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