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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Sam Rashid


BOY, the Perfect Ending to Canadian Music Week 2013

After five solid days of music, booze and late night pizza, Sunday had arrived. It was quite the bittersweet night as for one, it marked the moment when I could cut off the Canadian Music Week wristband that had been itching my wrist all week, while secondly, this was the end to Canadian Music Week.

But I found myself in the basement of the Dakota Tavern, pint in hand and ready to rock (a friend had mentioned an all girl band called Boy were playing and there was no way we could miss the show).

So there I was, waiting and ready in one of the most grungy places I have ever stepped foot in, even with the lovely Christmas lights dangling from the low ceiling.

And the second Boy came on stage and began their set, I knew this was the only place in the entire world I needed to be.

The vocals were care free and the guitar was soothing. And these elements combined were nothing short of euphoric.

It was one of those rare moments you hear about, when the band starts playing and everyone actually stops what they are doing and stares at the stage, mouths gaping and feet stuck to the floor and  you’re left with your hips grooving.

The set wasn’t energetic, and it didn’t have to be. The songs were simply beautiful, well-crafted, lyrically smart and enticing. The fact that there were maybe 40 people in the audience made Boy’s set super intimate and inviting.

And like everyone within a 10 metre radius of an FM radio, I like Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. But guess what, Boy did it so much better. I managed to pull up my jaw from the beer-sticky floor and capture the magic of it in a video, check it out below.


So there you have it, the perfect way to end Canadian Music Week 2013. The fact that their music is amazing should be enough of a reason to dig this band, but in addition, the group is comprised of the nicest individuals, like ever. I got a chance to chat with guitarist Sonja Glass, check it out below.

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