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Published on September 27th, 2010 | by Andy Whorehall


Abominable No Men

Live Review: Mary’s Place, Rockford, IL 09.25.2010
By Andrew Whorehall



Caught a young band from Beloit, WI, the Abominable No Men, out of the blue in Rockford’s oldest bar on the River. The band is young, talented, fantastic, rough on the edges (as these ears prefer), with a great frontman/lead guitarist, Thomas Dapper. The rhythm section served to inspire and support Dapper. Releasing a touch sluggishly when expected, but building perfect moods and serving as Dapper’s foil to excrete smooth, Slash/Homme-like solos. The band impressed, chugging alongside Dapper, often falling behind like a single dopplegänger, intentionally, and then following his new leads.

Not knowing any songs they were performing, I’ll assume they were originals. Amazing original songs, some were more instrumental than anything; reminding me of Mogwai, Queens of the Stone Age and a marching band coming through to take new listeners. I had to ask the bar owner who they were, he, like me, impressed.



Dapper & company has the goods, with a little live seasoning and age, the ‘No Men’ (as I think they should be renamed for booking & self-marketing ease:  despite the sly slap on Bush-ism, whether they meant it or not) is another fine, talented, young band with tons of promise to keep an eye on from the Northern IL & Southern, WI region. I’ll await their first studio record with great interest. Catch them if you can, seems like they, or Dapper, will be around awhile to reckon with- and they’re only going to get better. Scary.



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